Leather Spot Cleaner by HOBO


Take care of your leather with our new spot cleaner. Use this spray to remove dirt and buildup on leather and prepare certain leathers to be nourished with our leather cream. Please note, this cleaner is meant to remove dirt marks from use and wear, but not set-in stains such as pen or oils.

For use on polished, pebbled, silk napa, and soft Leathers. Not for use on artisan, buffed, hair-on, metallic, printed, or specialty leathers.

The Leather Spot Cleaner has the ability to remove dirt and buildup from your favorite bag.


Application: Test on a small section prior to full application. Spray evenly onto leather and clean by rubbing gently in wide circular motions with a soft cloth. Allow leather to completely dry naturally before using.

Handmade in the USA.